Party X Party is about an important milestone in a still-new alliance between the Dark Lord, the kingdom he was fighting against, and their Hero. the milestone? the Dark Lord's birthday, of course!

made for friendship jam 2019. 

note: currently, if you hold down "enter" on the inventory screen, you're teleported somewhere random; to avoid that you can tap any button to exit it. i'll try to find a way to fix this, but for now, i'm sorry for the inconvenience.


move - arrow keys or wasd
a - z or alt
b - x or ctrl
start - enter key


programming, writing, some overworld props -- missxtake

overworld character sprites, logo, banner -- scriblroid

indoors tilesets -- 

dark overworld --

light overworld --

thank you for coming!

TagsCute, Exploration, Fantasy
Average sessionA few minutes


party x party (post jam rom).zip 51 kB

Development log


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this is so cute! i love how everyone just has stuff for the dark lord's birthday for some reason. the pixel art looks great, especially the characters!

for the menu problem i think you might be able to fix it if you use "joypad input: remove attached script" and remove "start" on your menu screen - just remember to attach script to start again upon exiting the menu. 

(also, i noticed that if you go in the inn again or open the menu, the bartender calls out to you again)

oh my gosh thank you so much!! i'll fix the menu problem + the bar thing right away pfft

OMG I WAS GREAT !!! I think the game doesnt have any sounds so i listened to some 8 bit and BOI IT WAS EPIC when the party starts (the end) star wars theme song came on!!! I thought it was from the game but its not. It was such a perfect timing *^* love the concept btw <3

After reading your comment I actually tried to add music to the game, but it didn't go so well hahah... we're glad you had a good time though! Thank you!